What makes a Cafe Telephone?


1. Global participation




The dream of Cafe Telephone was to create a space that would be accessible to artists based anywhere. I want both our artists and visitors to feel that our doors are always open to the world. Not only are international artists always invited to participate, Cafe Telephone also utilizes Instagram as a platform to share the curatorial process behind each show, and offers a live-streamed tour at our openings so that they can be virtually attended from anywhere with wifi.

2. Connection 



Each Cafe Telephone is a collection of conversations across both artistic mediums and geography. Part of the preparation for a Cafe Telephone is the "telephoning" process.


For large shows, artists are gathered into an official game of Telephone, directed by Meiying, where they pass ideas, around the world, through a curated "Telephone line" of artists. (See the Telephone Game).  


For smaller salons, artists are matched in pairs and invited to correspond as they create around an assigned theme, resulting in a collaborative group show that reads as a conversation.


3. Creative process


What makes a Cafe Telephone especially unique is that it examines and frames the creative process itself as a work of art. Cafe Telephone exhibitions are curated to bring attention to the development of the artists' ideas, as well as to display their final pieces.