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After All

June 22nd- July 6th, 2019

Private exhibition in New York, New York

After All is a solo collection of portraits created between 2016 and 2019. Set in the slippage between fantasy and reality, After All explores five chapters of my life as told through fictional performers in an imagined theater. The collection is also a portrait of love, in its many forms, with each piece exploring a different relationship I cycled through in my twenties. 

Working primarily in acrylic, with some mixed dry media, I created rapidly, utilizing the inherent speed of my mediums to express the stories as a release of emotion. In this way, each piece can also be read as a visual love letter.


The show was on view, by appointment, in a private loft in Tribeca from June 22- July 6, 2019. The opening reception was June 22nd.

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