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As a staff instructor at NYC Drawing Room in Manhattan, I teach a variety of open-level and beginner creative workshops mainly focused on multimedia drawing and painting practices. I love helping people nurture their creativity and my teaching approach is rooted in a sense of play, joy, community building and experimentation! Below are a selection of the workshops I have designed and taught.


Photography by Alejandro Leon and Alice Plati

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Color in Flow


Learn how to control (and when to let go) with various water-soluble mediums, including watercolor, in this beginner-friendly multimedia workshop. We’ll learn the fundamental techniques of watercolor painting, then experiment with wax resisting, salt, blotting, and even playing with watercolor crayons and pencils! This is a playful, experiential class, where we collaborate with new friends, while learning to get in the flow.

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Working from a live model, this workshop explores the body's movement as a subject. We begin with a technical figure drawing overview and then move through a series of rapid gestural studies leading up to longer more in-depth poses. Our models all have professional dance and movement backgrounds. This workshop ends with a creative collaboration in which we make abstracted figure drawings inspired by a live dance improv. 

Color in Flow



This workshop is a playful intro to block printing and surface design! We will learn how to design and carve our own rubber stamps, ink them, and apply them as prints to canvas totes, tea towels, and postcards. We will also experiment with printing natural materials including fruits, vegetables and shells.


How can we record our travel memories beyond phones and photos? How can we use observation, drawing, and writing to deepen our sense of being present with the world around us This workshop is part-journaling, part-sketchbooking, based on my own travel sketchooks and inspired by the practice of being what Charles Baudelaire called "a passionate spectator." This workshop will take us on a guided New York adventure to capture and record the energy of the city around us through the practice of both drawing and writing. 

Color in Flow


This social workshop was specifically designed to embody Drawing Room's mission of community-building through creativity. We will draw together using comedic prompts and creative games including "blind drawings," drawing from memory, collaborative portraits, and a giant game of exquisite corpse!


This workshop explores drawing as an act of play. We move through a series of exercises that utilize both dry and wet drawing materials. We also explore drawing from a variety of approaches including intuitive, observational, and imaginative. This workshop is open level and requires no prior experience.

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